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In the race to the future, financial crime risks are often overlooked

EntityVector can help assess gaps, detect suspicious activities and mitigate financial crime risks. 

Growing adoption of digital assets and ongoing innovations in the financial sector has broadened the scope of Financial Crime Risks. Beyond Money Laundering risks, it also includes Fraud, Data Theft, Cybercrime, Corruption, Environmental Crime and other illicit activities.

EntityVector provides advisory and analytics services for AML, Fraud Risk Management, Data Privacy & Security, and Third Party Risk Program to Banks, Payment Industry, Fintech Firms, Digital Commerce and Pharmaceutical industry. The firm has pioneered an integrative roadmap to mitigate financial crime risks using progressive framework and advanced data science algorithms.

Our Team

EntityVector is led by a team of accomplished techno-functional experts that has over 50+ years of collective experience in banking, technology and advisory experience between them, having worked with Big-4 Advisory, US Banks, Global Technology and Data Analytics organizations across the US and Global markets. Our subject matter experts are certified in – CPA, CFE, CAMS, CISA, PMP and others.

1. Review

1. Review

A quick diagnostic on the health of overall program and to identify high risk areas will be conducted based on 150+ checklist questions. At the end of 1 to 2 weeks, a dashboard heatmap will be delivered.

2 Assess

2 Assess

A deep dive assessment on high risk areas of the program to identify gaps. At the end of assessment exercise, a report highlighting gaps and a roadmap to strengthen the program will be delivered.

3. Execute

3. Execute

A specific engagement to support roadmap execution. This can implementing software, improving data integrity, custom model development, strengthening operating model and others.

Our Approach

We understand your market and we know what it takes to manage a regulated product without compromising on customer experience. We have therefore designed a structured approach backed by best practice framework, checklist, and maturity models to strengthen your existing financial crime compliance program.

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