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Our Leaders

EntityVector is led by a team of accomplished subject matter experts certified in – CPA, CFE, CAMS, CISA, PMP and others. The team has collective experience of working with Big-4 Advisory, US Banks, Global Technology and Data Analytics organizations across the US and Global markets.

Anurag Jain

Managing Partner

Sunnyvale, CA

Nikhil Chandra

Managing Partner

New York City, NY

Our Foundation

To be the most trusted brand for financial crime compliance services

To partner with businesses helping them combat financial crime.


Our Values

Strong financial crime compliance supports ESG goals


True cost of financial crime goes beyond pure economics impacting society, business, supply chain and local communities. The people that bear a larger brunt are often those who can least afford to.


At EntityVector, our purpose is to create a safer and a better world by eliminating flow of illicit funds through legal financial systems.


Our mission is to partner with businesses and state agencies helping them combat financial crime through our bold and innovative solutions.  

Our Story

During the pandemic (2020-22) we noticed that the financial crime regulatory requirements evolved rapidly with broader scope and wider coverage. Rightly so because inadequate controls and vulnerable organizations could allow perpetrators to misuse financial assets posing a risk to businesses and to the national security. The broader scope now goes beyond money laundering to include fraud, cybersecurity, corruption, data-theft among others. Further, the coverage goes beyond commercial and retail banks, to include FinTechs, DeFi, Crypto Exchanges and other related Digital Assets.

With changing regulatory requirements, the cost of compliance went up with non-compliance often leading to hefty penalties and reputational loss. This often led to loss of trust within the end consumers, investors and business partners. To add up to this complexity, emerging financial technology organizations lacked experience of developing and selling regulated financial products. We realized that our experience of over two decades can help these emerging players scale their markets, as well as support traditional financial services organizations as they transform their business model.

EntityVector was therefore born to help financial services sector, both existing and emerging, comply with regulatory mandates and mitigate reputational risks, as they race to the future. EntityVector offers Advisory and Analytics services covering AML, Fraud Risk Management, Third-Party Risk and Data Privacy & Security  domains through a blend of data, technology and domain.

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