Our team of experts can help strengthen AML/CFT program

Team with extensive banking and advisory experience can help identify gaps, implement software and support regulatory mandate. 

Anti-Money Laundering Services

Increasingly complex regulatory requirements and ongoing digital transformation makes AML/CFT program difficult to manage. EntityVector has a structured approach to navigating the complexity and strengthening the program that is based on the experience of managing such programs. 

1. AML/CFT policy and framework enhancement

EntityVector can help develop and / or assist in the development of  AML and KYC policies. Our industry experts will work with your compliance, business and operations team to ensure a good balance is developed between risk mitigation and business process execution.

2. AML Lookback / Risk assessment

The Risk Assessment team at EntityVector can help identify and prioritize emerging AML/CFT risks, assist ongoing assessments in evaluating risks, deliver action oriented roadmap, and conduct post mortem analysis to provide critical insights. The team can also execute regulatory issue validation or compliance assurance engagements for institutions under consent order, written agreement or other regulatory matters requiring attention related to violations (BSA/AML, OFAC-related laws, rules and regulations). The team is also equipped to conduct independent reviews or compliance assurance testing on behalf of the second line compliance function. 

3. AML Software Implementation

EntityVector team can help identify and implement the right-fit software for your organization. The team has the experience of working with vendors both large and niche across the industry and can bring forward the appropriate software for your business requirements. It can also augment your team to help manage the vendor through the implementation lifecycle. 

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