Identify vulnerabilities and prevent serious fraud risks in your organization

Our team of certified fraud examiners and experienced professionals can help assess fraud risks across business units and can help implement fraud analytics solutions. 

Fraud Risk Management

Managing fraud risks with traditional practices and legacy systems have proven too expensive. EntityVector can help transform fraud risk management program by focusing on laying the foundations of data and processes, and then building with technology. Our structured approach can help complement existing legacy systems, current business processes and report driven intelligence with advanced data science algorithms and cutting edge technology for combating fraud.

1. Fraud Risk Assessment

EntityVector team of certified fraud examiners (CFE) will execute a comprehensive fraud risk assessment program considering both current and emerging risks, and providing a roadmap to mitigate the identified gaps. The team is highly skilled with variety of fraud scenarios and is well equipped with library of triggers to zone in on high risk areas. As part of the fraud risk assessment process, the team will also help with 

2. Fraud Analytics and ML Models

EntityVector can help provide deeper insights on your existing fraud risk management program using advanced data analytics to detect blind spots and high-risk areas. This will provide a precise understanding of gaps in your existing (employees, customers, partners, operations) environment. Further, team can help with sophisticated machine learning algorithms to detect fraud for variety of scenarios including – Synthetic Identity, Identity Theft, Account Takeover, Internal Fraud, ACH and others. 

3. Solution implementation

EntityVector can help your organization implement comprehensive fraud risk management solution that is designed to prevent, detect and respond to fraudulent incidents. Our team has extensive experience in implementing comprehensive fraud risk program for clients in variety of situations, ensuring that the solution is tailored to their specific needs. 

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