Analyze and mitigate third-party risks present in your supply chain

Our industry experts can help robust and mature process to mitigate third-party risk across all stages of the lifecycle

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Third-Party Risk Management

Ongoing logistic challenges and changing market dynamics has taken the focus away from mitigating third-party risks (TPR). EntityVector can help manage your end-to-end Third-Party Management program and related regulatory requirements (FCPA, UKBA, GDPR, CCPA)  providing you the freedom to focus on your business. The team has developed a structured approach to strengthen your third-party risk program based on the experience of working with leading global organizations.

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1. Program setup and management

EntityVector team can help develop, implement and manage end-to-end third-party risk program, including all or specific modules of the framework highlighted above. The team is skilled in supporting clients transform their third-party risk management program from manual / excel based processes to the target-state.

2. Vendor Due Diligence

EntityVector team can help perform comprehensive research based due-diligence exercise to determine risks associated with your vendors. Several risk categories can be covered by the team including – Fraud, Sanctions, FCPA / UKBA, Regulatory enforcements, Litigations, ESG, and others. The team is skilled to execute a quick review of your existing vendor through a structured approach, filtering out low risk vendors and performing enhanced due diligence on medium-high risk vendors.
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3. TP Risk Solution

EntityVector team is skilled to help your team design, document and implement a comprehensive TPR solution covering both data and software aspects. Software can be procured off the shelf or can be custom developed depending upon your requirements and related cost benefit analysis.

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