Tread carefully in the crypto world, cautions financial crimes expert Anurag Jain

For over 18 years, Anurag Jain has worked with Infosys, KPMG, TCS, Oracle, Metric Steam, and many other big names in the tech world as a Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) expert.  Today, he is building Entity Vector—a financial advisory firm to help fintech startups and companies comply with the regulatory requirements of the FCC.  In a conversation with The […]

Protecting the NFT markets from fraud and misconduct

The work of Art in the digital age can preserve its originality and authenticity through non-fungible tokens (NFTs), provided it is designed to protect its investors from malicious intent of bad actors, who are continuously inventing new ways to exploit new avenues The 2022 Finance Bill introduced tax on virtual digital assets, which included NFTs. […]

Crypto firms: Developing long- term sustainable trust through responsible technology development

Just prior to the recent crash, cryptocurrencies reached a combined global market capitalization of $3 trillion, up from approximately $14 billion in early November 2016. These are significant indications that the cryptocurrency market is expanding and growing, much faster than anticipated. However, given the anonymity, velocity, and borderless nature of cryptocurrencies, it also makes them […]

Board should set the tone to fight financial crimes, says Anurag Jain

Companies must undertake a range of formal compliance procedures in relation to customers, third-party vendors, suppliers or partner relationships, he says TopicsThomson Reuters  |  Financial Crimes In Indian Companies A first-time survey of Thomson Reuters around 2,300 senior managers from large organisations around 19 countries finds that corporate India does not fare well when it comes to […]

Forbes India Round Table Conference: Risk Management in a VUCA World

Industry experts speak with one voice: there’s no alternative to proactive risk management in the rapidly changing digital world Organisations with ‘digital first’ approach are mushrooming across the globe on the backdrop of explosive growth in the digital and communications technologies. Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector in India has been at the forefront […]

FinTech — low hanging fruit for fraudsters

As technology scales new heights, financial fraud risk deepens Digital disruption is defining the financial services industry today. Financial technology (FinTech) companies are truly pushing the envelope and driving innovation, challenging traditional financial services firms to rethink their business models and growth markets. However, FinTech companies will do well to learn a thing or two […]

Digitisation of compliance process a must to prevent Trade-based money laundering

The biggest and the most powerful economies look for a trading partner that is strongly regulated and has a clean record, supplemented by the ease of doing business International trade is the backbone of globalisation and an imperative for economies to grow. For India as well, growing its trading prowess is critical to its rise […]

Digitization and automation will lead the way for risk management in 2018

In a fast and connected world, banks and financial institutions are exposed to ever increasing risks which are both internal as well as external. In the coming year the risk management function will have to identify, assess and monitor risks while keeping up with the ever increasing pace of business changes. As the business model […]