We can mitigate your exposure to digital identity risks.

Team with experience in digital identity and cloud transformation will work with you to ensure your business assets are protected. 

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Digital Identity Risk Management

Digital identity risk is the risk of unauthorized access to business assets by either internal or external users or systems. Unauthorized access can lead to identity theft, financial loss, and reputational damage. EntityVector has a structured approach to navigating the complexity and strengthening the program, which is based on the experience of managing such programs.

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1. Digital Identity Risk Assessment (DIRA)

EntityVector can assist you with the Digital Identity Risk Assessment (DIRA) process by identifying gaps in your user and system identification procedures. DIRA is a critical step in ensuring the security of your digital assets, and our expertise can help mitigate potential risks. Our assessment procedures are based on the NIST Digital Identity Guidelines and follow the following steps: 

2. Cloud Transformation Risk

EntityVector can help you migrate to the cloud in a secure environment, protecting your users, applications, and data while meeting your compliance and digital identity risk goals. EntityVector can help you deploy best practices for cloud transformation security with the following:

3. IAM Solution Implementation

EntityVector can help you evaluate your existing IAM solutions or implement a new solution that will help you protect your organization’s data and systems from unauthorized access. A well implemented IAM solution can also help protect your organization from data breaches, cyber attacks, insider threats and malware infections. EntityVector can help with the following:

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