Our engagement program is designed to delivery value in a cost effective way

Our experts have developed a progressive roadmap for strengthening financial crime compliance program.   

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We can take you through a tailor made journey to
strengthen your financial crime compliance program

We Understand you

  • We understand your market having worked with your peers.
  • We also know what it takes to manage a regulated product.
  • We have the experience of delivered financial service through technology

…and can deliver as per your expectations

  • We can deliver smart solutions that work in tandem with your existing products and services
  • We can implement intelligent operations driven by transparent process
  • We have a unique team of techno-functional financial crime experts
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1. Review

Perform a quick review of your existing financial crime compliance program, which is executed by independent industry experts. The team would understand the design, assessment, and risk mitigation strategy with a two fold objective: a) to identify high risk areas and b) to provide another perspective to your compliance team.

2. Assess

Our team of industry experts will perform a deep dive assessment of your current state to identify gaps and deliver roadmap for reaching the desired state. The team will look at different scenarios, map against maturity curve and compare against regulatory requirements to assess financial crime risks the business is exposed to.

Assessment Steps

Risk assessment for

financial crimes compliance assessment_entityvector

3. Execute

Our team of industry and technology experts can help execute the roadmap across the financial crime compliance domains covering data integrity, technology implementation or operating model. The team can provide end-to-end or modular services for compliance executives to execute the roadmap and related strategies. Within the financial crime compliance program, EntityVector can provide coverage across all key domains including AML/CFT, Fraud Risk Management, TP Risk (FCPA, UK-BA), Sanctions, KYC, Data Privacy, and other related areas.

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