FinTechs and Online Platforms Scale Securely, Maintain Reputation

As your strategic partner and fractional risk officer, we’ll mitigate your risks and ensure your business stays compliant, so you can focus on scaling.

Fraud Risk

Protecting your startup from specific challenges like Fraud Rings, ACH Return risks, First-Party Fraud, Account Takeovers and more.

Risk Assessment

Offering thorough assessment against a broad spectrum of risks, including fraud, BSA/AML, digital identity, third-party, credit risk, and more.​


Optimizing your customer onboarding process thorough customer identification (KYC, KYB) and due diligence (EDD) for robust verification throughout.

Business License

Handling your business licensing needs across states, through NMLS or other channels, and keeping your surety bonds and registrations updated.

Engagement Plan

  • Risk Accelerators
  • Rapid Response Advice
  • Fractional Risk Officer
  • Are you looking to fast track your startup’s risk management program?

    Our risk accelerators are designed to rapidly update your risk management program, leveraging pre-existing policy templates and a comprehensive set of risk and control libraries. We work closely with you to define clear objectives, establish effective priorities, as we transform your risk management program. This focused approach guarantees swift and effective risk mitigation results.

  • Are you dealing with urgent risk and compliance challenges that need immediate attention?

    Our Rapid Response Advisory services are designed to provide swift assistance to startups facing critical issues in risk and compliance. We have the expertise to address and resolve these challenges promptly. Our team will work closely with you to assess the situation, develop an action plan, and deliver solutions swiftly. With our rapid response approach, you can count on timely and effective resolution of your concerns.

  • Do you need an experienced, skilled risk officer who can help lay the foundation for your startup?

    We can assist startups in building a strong risk management foundation. With our experienced professionals, you can establish robust risk and compliance practices, develop a skilled team, and ensure a smooth transition to a responsible in-house team member. We understand the challenges of finding the right talent, and our Fractional Risk Officer will provide a cost-effective and efficient way to address your needs.

Success Stories: Transformative Impact of EntityVector

Discover how we have enabled FinTechs to focus on scaling their busienss while we managed their risks.

Each case study narrates a unique journey of challenges faced and solutions implemented, offering insights into the practical application and tangible results of EntityVector’s expertise. This section serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional value and fostering enduring partnerships with the Startups.

Strengthening Fraud Controls for a Credit Card FinTech

A Series-A Fintech faced significant fraud risks such as ATO, ACH Returns, First Party Fraud and others. They also lacked precise metrics for measuring fraud losses.

Providing Online Loans to Increase Credit Portfolio

A mid-tier bank with operations across multiple states wanted to grow its credit portfolio by leveraging the increasing demand for online loans. 


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